Atomic Chick

Polly RN.

Just a regular girl living an extraordinary life. Being surrounded by the most wonderful people and live day by day is truly extraordinary.  1.) Big Dad, a God/Father who is powerful, knowledgeable, loving and simply awesome. 2.) A family that showers me with lots of love and support and having no problem in daily necessities. 3.) Good friends who are absolutely loyal to me through thick and thin, and who doesn’t betray me when the going get tough.

I am the type whom you wont have a hard time approaching. I see myself as a friendly person. I don’t enclave myself to a certain group or stereotype. I want to be exposed to all sorts of people regardless of their race, social status, family background, etc.

I love good conversations (over a cup of coffee) and I am very interested in what you have to say. Intellectual talk that can last more than 10 minutes. And I really love when a good conversation leads to a better understanding. I love witty banter and sarcasm. I could say intelligence is the thing I find most sexy in others.

I enjoy learning about a lot of different things but especially history and language. I love to read and do random research online.

Ambitions: I’m a dreamer and I love to plan ahead. I would love be a nurse that specializes in Pediatric-Oncology. I’m  also interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

Present: A registered nurse working in a BPO company as a Nurse Coordinator. I plan to take my masters degree in UST (this is truly a dream), launch my online business by January next year, begin traveling again hopefully, around February or March. Europe is definitely my dream destination. Currently, preparing for a series of exams  scheduled on April next year (wish me luck).

Interests: Reading and writing, physical activities such as running, Anti-gravity yoga and pole dancing, rock music and watching live concerts, traveling and strolling around the metro, foodtrip, computer/video games, hanging out with friends, and supporting organizations that I am passionate about like Kanlungan ni Maria, Tahanan ng Pagmamahalan and PAWS.

I used to drink lots of soda and now, I don’t really like them any more. I have learned to love water.
 I prefer caffeine (black coffee) over alcoholic drinks.
 I love classic films like The Godfather, Casablanca, Silence of the Lamb, Breakfast at Tiffany’s but my all-time favorite movie is Dead Poets Society.
 I am more efficient at repairing electronics/appliances than cooking.
 If I could have one super power it would be the ability to teleport or be a “Jumper.”
 Okay, you all probably know that I have a little “Johnny Depp issue“. I try not to get fangirl-ish about anything.  I could’ve made this post a whole paragraph of me screaming about how awesome Johnny Depp is, but then I’d probably be sent to the local asylum.
 Dreams of becoming a playboy bunny. Tee hee!


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